Wednesday, 22 February 2017
About Us
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Supreme Biotech is a privately held company that is specialising in the production of bioactive compounds derived from micro-algae. Our algae growing ability matched with the capability of our world class research and extraction partners ensures that we can quickly commercialise new bio-actives.

The company has acquired sole world-wide rights to a photobioreactor system that enables economical and quick scale-up from the pilot stage to commercial production of the algae from which the targeted high value products are extracted.

Our initial facilities and algae farm are located in Nelson, New Zealand where the long sunny days, pure water and proximity to world class research and extraction facilities ensures our products will meet the exacting demands of our customers.

We have a strong interest in developing partnerships with research organisations and companies that have identified potential bioactive compunds and wish to develop their technology to a commercial product. We are able to provide research and development expertise, extraction expertise, growing expertise and marketing expertise to ensure the next exciting compound is brought to market in a way that benefits all.

Our process has the added benefit of consuming CO2 while releasing Oxygen, ensuring that we contribute to reducing green house gases.